Holding the Head

(To the tune of Londonderry Air)


Holding the Head, we cling to Christ our risen Lord.

Hold fast to Him, let nothing come between,

For as we hold, weíre nourished from that heavníly place;

And Christ as Head lives through us though unseen.

It is by faith we cling and thus His strength is ours,

And in His love, our hearts are knit as one.

Holding the Head, we increase with a growth divine,

Glory to God and to His own Beloved Son.


Grow up in Christ, in all things ever mind-ful,

Of our blestí union with the Lord we love,

For from the Head, the Bodyís fitly joined as one,

All parts supplied and increased from above.

Be not a babe, tossed to and fro by winds of doubt,

Walk not as carnal men in earthly strife,

Grow up in Christ, increase in knowledge of the Son,

To know Him and the powír of resurrection life.


Consider Christ, High Priest of our profess-sion;

At Godís right hand, the Majesty on high.

In heavenís sanctuary thereís a throne of grace,

And through His blood, weíre privileged to draw nigh.

Within the veil, oh glorious commun-ion,

Where we find refuge, grace in time of need,

Consider Him, who longs for us to enter in,

The heavníly Bread of Life, our hungry hearts to feed.


Looking to Jesus, He who ran be-fore us,

Who for the heavníly joy endured the cross.

Consider Him, lest we be wearied in our minds,

And losing hope, we faint and suffer loss.

For as our eyes are focused on the Sav-ior,

We run the race with patience, and endure.

Looking to Jesus, who to glory brings His sons,

To Him our souls are anchored and they are secure.

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