Glorious Liberty

Jim Delany  Copyright 2002

(Sung to the tune by Franz Joseph Haydn,

“Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken”)


1.) (Rom.5:20 - 6:23)


Liberty and grace abo-unding,

All transgression He’ll for-give!

Yet shall we who in Christ died to sin,

Any longer there-in live?

Knowing this, He said; our old man is dead;

We’re now free from sin’s domain!

Free to serve our Risen Lord and Head   

Free to surrender to a new Master’s reign!


2.) (Gal.5:1; Rom.7:1-6)


Stand fast in our glor’ous liberty,

Wherewith Christ hath made u-s free.

Turn not to the law for victory.

It provides no pow’r fo-r thee.

From the law set free, so that we may be,

Wedded to our Groom above!

Now in grateful dedication we,

Serve Him in newness of the Spirit in love!


3.) Gal.5:13;  Titus 2:12; Heb.12:1-3)


Liberty, O glor’ous cal-ling,

Ours, a gift, a sacr-ed  trust.

But beware lest we be fal-ling,

Into carnal, world-ly lust!

Things may lawful be; yet not good for me;

Some deceive, enslave, bring shame!

Lay aside all weights that hinder thee,

And run the race to honor God’s holy name!


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