Abide in Him

Jim Delany
Taken from John 15:1-8
Sung to the tune of “Abide With Me”

Copyright 1998

Abide in Him, who is the One True Vine
Fruit is not borne except through life Divine.
Abide in Him, His strength and pow’r will be
Filling and flowing through; enab’ling thee.

When all self help and efforts of the flesh,
Prove vain and barren, then in Him just rest!
Without the Vine each branch produces nought
Yet in the Vine we’ll bear what God hath wrought!

No branch need ever struggle, strive nor strain.
Toiling to forge the Spirit’s fruit is vain.
Fruit will be borne when we abide in Him,
Resting and yielding, let Him work within.

Why do our souls seem overwhelmed in pain?
Why tears at all when we in Him remain?
Though all in Him bear fruit, yet purge must He,
That we may bear fruit more abundantly.

When other branches all around thee fall,
When Satan’s pow’r seems vast and thee so small,
We need no strength more than we are supplied,
God’s pow’r to keep is great, In Him abide!

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