Announcements & Upcoming Events

Wednesday Evening at 7:00 PM.

The VBS program is going very well. Pray for some of the children to be saved and for opportunity to bring the gospel to their families. Also pray for the teachers and the many other workers. There has been a good spirit of cooperation in the work of the Lord.

Fellowship by the Sea: at Great Island Common, New Castle, NH. We will meet together there at 5:00 PM on Saturday, July 29th. Please bring your own meal, and a salad to share with the group.

Next Sunday, July 30th, we will be having a pot luck dinner after the morning worship service, followed by an early afternoon testimony and Singspiration service. Be in prayer about sharing a testimony of the goodness of the Lord. Please pass the word on to those in the assembly who don’t have email. For the pot luck dinner, here is the plan: If your last name begins with:

Round Robin Bible Conference 2017: This year's conference will be held from August 13th - September 3rd. Here's the schedule of meetings at SBC:

Pastor Steve Willett – Anchor Bible Church
August 13th
  Christ Our Example, Part I     Philippians Two  
Sunday School
  Christ Our Example, Part II     Philippians Two  
Morning Worship
  Pastor Bob Rathbun – Fifth Street Baptist Church  
August 20st
  Christ Our Rejoicing, Part I     Philippians Four  
Sunday School
  Christ Our Rejoicing, Part II     Philippians Four  
Morning Worship
    Pastor Jim Delany – Salem Bible Church    
August 27th
  Christ Our Life, Part I     Philippians One  
Sunday School
  Christ Our Life, Part II     Philippians One  
Morning Worship
    Pastor John Peront – Crossroads Bible Church    
September 3th
  Christ Our Goal, Part I     Philippians Three  
Sunday School
  Christ Our Goal, Part II     Philippians Three  
Morning Worship

Singspiration: We have been invited to a Singspiration at Crossroads Bible Church in Candia, NH on Saturday, August 26th. The event will be preceded by a pot luck dinner. Please signup to stay for the meal.

Dr. Steve & Katrina Boutrus: Please keep the Boutruses in prayer. They have recently arrived in Africa to begin their new ministry at the medical clinic in Benin. Tracy Boutrus is with them until mid-August. Please pray for Tracy and the Team as well.

Work-Day Items: There are a couple of chores that were not accomplished at our last church work day. There is a list of chores and a sign-up sheet on the back shelf. Thanks.

Bible Training Ministry: BTM has finished its four-year program and will be beginning the four-year program afresh this fall. Two courses will be offered: (1) Soteriology and (2) New Testament Survey. A signup sheet can be found on the back shelf.

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