Part 1: The Concept of Being "Accommodating"
Section 1.A In a Good Sense (Pleasing Others)
Section 1.B In a Bad Sense (Being a Man-Pleaser)
Section 1.C How the Process of Accommodation to Error Works
Section 1.D An Accommodating Spirit
Part 2: Reasons to Be Skeptical of an Accommodating Spirit
Section 2.A Any Change from Perfection is a Form of Deterioration
Section 2.B Prophesied Changes in the Last Days
Section 2.C Prophesied Deterioration of the Church from a Chaste Virgin to the Babylonian Harlot
Section 2.D New Testament Commands Concerning Preserving Truth
Section 2.E The Speed of Change towards a One World System
Part 3: The Example of Ezekiel: He Refused to Accommodate

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